Dermalogica Expert… What does it mean?

There are skin therapists and there are skin experts. At the beginning of last year, Hope started her expert Journey to take the Dermalogica Therapist to the next level. This means when you have your skin treatments take a look to see if they are wearing a Dermalogica pin, it indicates the level of the therapist’s Dermalogica education! Our Therapists are Jan, Debbie, Christina, Laura and now Hope who are all experts. The advanced training means the certified therapists are amongst the highest-trained and recognised Dermalogica skin therapists in the world!

The three tiers of education are…Dermalogica Certified, Dermalogica Specialist and Dermalogica Expert.

We are so pleased to share with you that 5 out of 7 of us are all experts and Tash is Dermalogica Certified and is well on her way to becoming Specialist.