You cannot be serious!? Wimbledon history & fun facts…

The strawberries are starting to ripen and the news headlines are full of Andy Murray’s Skincare Inc's wimbledon fun factssuccess at Queens. That can only mean one thing….Wimbledon is coming.

In celebration, we thought we’d have a look through the history of the tournament and visit some fun facts. Why not dish up a bowl of strawberries and cream and settle down for a read?

Wimbledon has been running as a tournament since 1877 but women only got their own championship in 1884. There was a gap in annual tournaments between 1939 and 1949 while the second world war raged and, in 1940, centre court was bombed.

Potentially centre court (now, of course, number one court as the new covered centre court has been built), is a dangerous place to be as, in 1985, it was struck by lightning. The 1996 tournament was a spectacle with Cliff Richard entertaining crowds as the rain fell and a streaker making an appearance. Didn’t he know there was a strict dress code?

The centre court roof was unveiled in 2009, finally allowing the tournament to be a little less weather and light dependent.

In 2013, after favourites Nadal and Federer went out of the tournament early, Britain’s dream finally came true with an Andy Murray win. The nation’s first champion since Fred Perry way back in the 1930’s.

Now for the fun facts quiz. Answers below – be a sport and don’t cheat!

  1. In 2014, Wimbledon crowds consumed 350,000 of which type of drink?

a) Bottled water b) teas and coffees c) glasses of Pimm’s

  1. How many bananas are consumed by players during the tournament?

a) 5,000 b) 10,000 c) 15,000

  1. Which of these favourite British snacks proved most popular during the 2014 tournament?

a) portions of fish and chips b) portions of strawberries c) portions of ice cream



  1. b (we are British after all!)
  2. c (that’s a lot of bananas!)
  3. b (of course, it’s what Wimbledon is all about)