Who’s the daddy?

Men's treatments at Skincare IncHave you started thinking about Father’s Day presents yet? Men don’t traditionally like to spend time on skincare but research shows it’s just as important for them as it is for women when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and reducing irritation. In fact, most men subject their skin to daily irritation just by shaving.

Men’s skin, aside from the hairiness aspect, is also different structurally to women’s. It’s thicker for a start (ok, now we can sense you all rolling your eyes and saying you knew he was thick-skinned…) and tougher and can also be oilier.

Dermalogica offer a range of treatment targeted at men’s skin, including their three-step ‘shave’ regimen which helps men to achieve a close shave whilst maintaining healthy skin.

At Skincare Inc we offer a range of skincare treatments for men, including a Dermalogica facial and a Guinot Hydradermie treatment.

You could choose a gift voucher which would give your dad the choice of a treatment in the salon or the opportunity to purchase some products.

Visit our website to find out more about our men’s treatments and give your dad something different for Father’s Day.