Time for some Gardening??

Wow – it’s as if we skipped spring and summer is suddenly here! During this amazing weather we’ve all been out tidying the garden, mowing the lawn, pruning back the bushes and we thought we’d continue this theme for our next blog post….

If summer really is upon us, it’s time to do some tidying and pruning of your own. We’ve put together an amateur’s guide to hair removal. Whether it’s time to hack back the undergrowth or just have a regular prune, there’s a solution for you!

Waxing – this semi-permanent method of hair removal takes hairs out from the root. Our trained therapists ensure it’s never as painful as people think so why not give it a go? At Skincare Inc we can wax legs, bikini lines, eyebrows, armpits and more!

Electrolysis – this method can be used to remove individual hairs from the face or body using heat energy. Usually preferred for smaller areas such as upper lips, a course of treatments is recommended for best results.

Threading – this ancient, highly specialised method of hair removal uses cotton thread and is usually best suited to eyebrow shaping. Originating in Asia, it’s more effective than tweezing as it can remove much shorter hairs.

Shaping/tinting – if you just need some better definition to eyebrows or lashes, why not try a lash or brow tint or even the impressive new Brows by Mii treatment. This uses templates to shape a unique look to suit your facial features and a combination of treatments including tinting, waxing and threading to achieve the desired look.

So there you go: lots of options are available to keep you looking trim and tidy and stop things getting overgrown this summer! Get trimming!