Map your way to perfect skincare

All good skincare regimes will be tailored to suit your personal skin type, problems areas, health conditions and lifestyle.

Dermalogica takes personalised regimes a step further with their Face Mapping® analysis. Designed to allow an insight into your skin’s past and present, it allows a targeted regime to be prescribed which will improve the future of your skin’s health.

The difference with Dermalogica’s mapping is that it divides your face into fourteen zones, each of which is then examined inch-by-inch through sight and touch by your therapist. Findings are noted down on a facial diagram so that there is a record of your requirements for future treatments or product requirements.

One philosophy behind Face Mapping® is Chinese Diagnosis, which works on the theory that the skins provides an external view of the body’s internal health. For example, your forehead (zones 1 and 3) are an indicator to your bladder and digestive system; the ears (zones 4 and 10) are a highly sensitive area related to the kidneys; and a reddened nose (zone 7) can be an indicator of high blood pressure or early stages of rosacea.

Once you have been ‘mapped’, you have a guide for choosing treatments and products. Your therapist will then work with you to select the perfect regime and begin working on those problem areas.

If you’re interested in finding out more about mapping, there’s lots of information on the Dermalogica website – – including a ‘speed mapping’ tool to give you an overview of possible products that might suit your skin type.

But, far better than that, is to try it for real. At Skincare Inc, we offer a free 10-minute Dermalogica Face Mapping® session and you can then test-drive your prescribed products during a free 15-minute session at our Skin Bar.